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Ruger Rome Bio

Ruger Rome, born Jerome Michael Flanigan, on October 15, 1988, is an African American recording artist from the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA. Ruger’s homelife was unstable after losing his mother at the age of 10. His father was in and out of jail and battling a drug addiction. He always sought comfort in the music his mother and aunts were constantly playing. Classic rnb was the soundtrack for his youth. After losing his mom, moving from couch to couch Ruger started getting in trouble with the law. He moved from youth home to youth home, family member to family member and at the early age of 15, he became a father. At 16 he lost two very close cousins due to violence and the impact of their loss hit Rome deep. Ruger’s only solace was in relating to the geniuses spearheading the Hip Hop movement. Listening to the likes of; Master P and No Limit, 2Pac, Biggie, Hot Boys, Beanie Sigel, State Property, the Lox and more. This outlet was crucial for Ruger growing up and it’s influence began shaping the unique style in which he currently rhymes. He began writing his own rhymes and using music to express his pain, anger and determination to inspire others who’ve come from similar circumstances. Ruger is so authentic, so raw and so real, his listeners can’t help but feel moved by his words and his energy on stage.

     Ruger Rome has released 2 projects in the last few years; Grimey 2da Grave Reloaded (As a member of the Grimey Click) and D.R.E.A.M., working with producers at the famous ID Labs and Wiz Khalifa's super producer, Ricky P. Both highly anticipated albums organically drew great numbers due to his established fanbase. Winning various awards in his hometown, proving his unwavering fan support; Best Live Performance (2013 - Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards), Rap Group of the Year (2014 - Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards), First place at the OMG Showcase, First place at the Media Famous showcase (2019) and tied for first place at the I love lyrics/ill showcase (2019). Despite losing his vision in 2017 due to Corneal eye failure and being declared legally blind, Rome has not given up on his dreams. Again, using music as an outlet and to help inspire others, his story is one of hope and determination. Finding himself at his darkest hour and toying with the idea of ending his life, he chose a different path. Ruger positioned himself as a leader, dragging himself from the darkness into the light, first and foremost as an example for his four children and also for his fans. He was soon after given the news that he would be receiving a corneal transplant. The transplant has restored 70% of his vision in one eye. Ruger Rome has truly become a beacon of hope for his fans and all the individuals his music touches. He is a survivor, inspiring others to achieve their dreams no matter what obstacles lay in their path. Ruger Rome is the epitome of what it means to defeat all the odds against him and use those experiences in a positive way. If you have not heard Ruger Rome, today is the day to get familiar. Today is the day to get inspired. Today is the day to understand what his movement means; “This ain’t just about me, this bounce back is DEEPER THAN RAP!”  

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