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(Manchester Pittsburgh, PA.) Ruger Rome will not stop working on showing his fan base something different in 2022! “I wanna show them that I’m versatile.” With his varying beats, styles and vibe, Rome is sure to show us all that he’s not a stereotypical rapper.


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PITTSBURGH, PA – The music from Pittsburgh performer Ruger Rome can best be described as a sound born from pain. This young man with a signature voice has experienced a lot in his life. He lost his mother at the age of 10 and his father was in and out of jail and battling a drug addiction. He moved from youth home to youth home and family member to family member...


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“I started rapping with my boys in 2013, formally known as Grimey Click to the Pittsburgh underground music scene.  We had a good run and did a bunch of work that was getting us noticed,” Ruger said. “But in 2015, I started losing my vision because of corneal eye failure, and when I started going blind, I quit rapping. I went through a lot and it felt like life was over for me. I came to a dead end and didn’t want to do anything.


Grimey Click

2013 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards

1st. Place Best Live Performance.


Grimey Click

2014 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards

1st. Place Rap Group Of The Year.

IMG_2185 (1).JPG

Ruger Rome

2019 Media Famous Showcase

1st. Place 


Ruger Rome

2015 OMG Showcase at the HardRock (Pittsburgh). 1st. Place


Ruger Rome

2019 I Love Lyrics ShowCase

(Tie) 1st. Place Pittsburgh

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